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  2. Thank God for an eventful 2013. Thank You for working in and through me. Blessed with lots of amazing people, happenings and adventures in 2013. Looking forward to 2014 adventures! Let’s never forget that ‘No experience is ever wasted’, and we’re blocks that are in the process of being shaped into something more. On a side note, this victory video from #surgerc2013 is something that will always remind me the beautiful victory planned at the end despite the tough challenges we faced during the process. Hope all RED-Campers will remember what we overcome on that very day! Cheers to the new year ahead! 🎉🎈

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  4. It’s december. Favorite month of the year, but also the busiest month of the year. May this month be an awesome one amidst the busyness! HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! ✌️

  5. Look beyond what you can see; There is hope. #sky #skydaily

  6. missing the blue skies, bright sun and chilly weather #sydney #wanderlustactivated

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